Frequently Asked Questions

Is washing your house on a regular basis a good thing?
Yes, not only does water blasting ensure your house looks great but it also extends the life of your paint. Hiring an Auckland house wash professional to do the job is safer and saves you time and effort, plus getting very wet!

What if I'm not satisfied with the completed job?
At Prokleen we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with the job. We know word of mouth is the best form of advertising in the water blasting business and most businesses for that matter.

Are the chemicals you use safe?
Yes, we only use eco-safe house washing products so there's no risk to you, your plants or your pets.

Do I have to be around when you are doing the job?
No, as long as we have access to an outside tap and all your windows are closed.

I want to clean the moss and mould off my roof. Will your water blasting take care of this?
We don't recommend waterblasting on your roof (unless for repainting) as it can damage the surface. We use a method that takes advantage of the rain to gradually clean the roof of moss and mould.


Do you insurance cover if anything should be damaged as a result of work around the property?

Yes we have full liability insurance to the value of one million dollars. However we are always are extremely careful around your place and endeavour to keep our 100% record for no claims as yet.