House Washing / Soft Wash




For most Kiwis your house is your number one asset and investment.


The New Zealand climate contributes to a harsh environment for the exterior cladding of your property. Over time mould and pollution cause a build up of grime and dirt.


Major paint manufacturer’s recommend exterior house cladding is washed at least once a year to extend the protective shield the paint provides.


Regular house washing not only gives a fresh new look and street appeal but removes the factors that lead to the depreciation of the outside of your home.


At Prokleen in Auckland, we have a trusted three step process using high flow, low pressure (soft) washing to protect the finish of your home:


1. First we use a high volume rinse to soak and loosen dirt and grime.


2. Next we apply our special eco-friendly house wash detergent and let it work its magic. If your house has wooden joinery around windows and doors we hand brush these in order to prevent water seepage.


3. Finally we use a high volume soft wash to clean and remove the grime and dirt leaving a spotless finish.


At Prokleen we take pride in transforming and restoring your Auckland home’s appeal. We offer a 100% money back guarantee for all work we do as we know up to 75% of our work comes through referrals and recommendations.


At Prokleen we know that every home is unique, so give us a call on 0800 776 553 or send us a message on our contacts page for a free no-obligation quote.