Moss and Mould / Roof Treatments

Your roof protects your number one investment from the harsh New Zealand weather – both rain and shine.


Maintaining your roof is a must as deterioration can lead to damage to the rest of your house requiring expensive repairs.


At Prokleen we use two main methods of cleaning to remove moss and mould and help maintain the integrity of your roof.


The first method uses a moss and mould treatment that is applied to your roof using a low pressure spray. The treatment is biodegradable and works by breaking down organic matter on your roof such as lichen and moss over a period of months.  This method of roof cleaning is gentle on all types of roof coatings.


The second method uses low pressure water blasting for instant results. This method works well on coloursteel roofs but is not always recommended on tile and mastic style roofs unless they are being resealed or repainted. 


At Prokleen we know every roof and customer has different needs so give us a call on

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